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In the olden days, for relocation, entire families moved from on their own means of transport such as bullock carts or every person carried his/her part of the load. Only the children below ten years were spared from carrying the goods. However, in the later part of 20th century, nuclear families came into existence. The shifting of goods by professionals also started as small families started looking for help from external sources.

Nearly 15 years ago, the process of shifting of a home nearly took ten days because of the absence of no company offering their specialized services. However, as time progressed, many individuals saw a prosperous business in the blooming and opened companies which specially dealt with packaging and shifting of household items and company materials from one place to another.

Causes For Relocation

In metropolitan cities, the reasons can be many – it could be availability of a high income job in another location, arrival of new member in the family such as marriage or baby, or division of nuclear families from joint families/clans. A businessman may shift the entire family to another place as he wants to open his new venture. A student may branch out from the hostel after the studies to stay in room to find a job. A person who has got recently married may shift to a new home from his parental residence.

Regardless of the various reasons, there is one factor which connects them all – the packaging of goods.

Challenges of Relocation

Do you feel that a businessman who has a 2BHK house can easily transfer all the household items to another area or State (example – Bangalore to Ghaziabad) just on his own? After all, it is not child’s play, moving goods such as television, refrigerators, laptop, furniture, glass fittings, ceiling fans need to be done under extreme care as there is fear of damage. The main reason, anyone on the path of relocation will hire professionals such as Cloud packers and movers.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Services

It is impossible to predict any of the challenges (accidents, losses, damage, or theft) which may happen during relocation when a businessman attempts to shift the household items on his own from one place to another. This is just one of the reasons why our professional services are needed.

Packaging Resources

An individual might be an operations manager in a software company – but when it comes to packaging of household items, he may find it difficult to carry out the task by watching youtube videos. The shifting team at Cloud packers and movers use standard packaging materials with suitable techniques to prevent damage to any of items.


By luck, with the able of proper friends and family, a person who wants to relocate has done the necessary quality packaging, but how will the items be shifted? Agreed, the services of a lorry or truck can be definitely taken; during transportation if any of the items suffers damage? Cloud packers and movers use the perfect type of vehicles for the occasion ranging from mini-vans, mini-trucks to Lorries.

From one State to another State

A student, if he wants to move to his new home, may enlist the help of all his friends to shift his belongings if the distance is less than 20 miles. But if he wants to move from one State to another, and in case of untoward situations such as storms or heavy rains, where will the goods be stored? In similar situations, we display our humanitarian nature by allowing the goods to remain in our warehouse for fifteen days, free of cost.

Saves time

In times of relocation, there are more important aspects to be taken care of other than packaging items and goods. Since we are equipped to handle the job, leave it to us and concentrate on the important tasks.

Before selecting our team, we kindly request you to have a look at the below mentioned points –

Please prepare a checklist for noting down items which are delicate and needs to be packed separately. We will do the best packing and delivery services but also need support from your end. Also, we do not pick and drop any unlawful goods, or cash or jewellery.