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Cloud packers and movers has been getting accolades for its highly professional services across major cities such as Bangalore and Delhi. Would you believe that almost 50 percent of our customers are from references? Of course, the success story would not have been possible without the able support of our staff that has changed every possible challenge to a monument of success. Our top management have carefully recruited a team of relocation professionals who are well-versed in shifting operations to ensure hassle-free transportation for you.

Accuracy as well perfection are the two traits which have made us reach the coveted spot we are today. While shifting from one place to another (domestic: Example – around Bangalore; national – Bangalore to Delhi), our highly experienced team has only one mission and stay focused – prevent damage of products and its safety. In fact, the second longest trip we had is shifting a company with all its materials right from Bangalore to Delhi.

Mushrooming of start-ups in every major city has led to relocation of skilled individuals similar to you from other States. We at Cloud packers and movers feel happy in providing a valuable service to the nation by assisting in national integration.


After you have booked a ticket with us, the customer care executive will fix a date by which our relocation team can have a meeting with you. Kindly note, we also offer free consulting and quotation at your door step. You will be requested to fill a query form where you have to notify all the goods that are to be shifted, the place of Moving_to and other information. Then on the stipulated day, our team will come to your house and pack all the goods with quality materials right in front of you.

We distinguish the items separately based on our experience and use cellophane sheets, waterproof cartons, bubble wraps and various kinds of boxes for packing the items. Also, the packed items are also secured by means of cello tapes, ropes and various advanced methods.

Now, shall we look at the reasons why we are the first preference when shifting of household items from one place to another -

• We offer reasonable rates to you and we ensure no changes of plans from our side.

• We understand the concern for your items as you would have emotions linked to some of the goods. You would go all out to prevent the damage of these valuable items. It can be an ordinary wooden carving, but it would have 100 years of family tradition. This is the main reason, why we ensure we have a 24/7/365 customer care service. You can reach us via different communication formats such as chat, text, telephone or through skype.

• Since our process is transparent, there will be no need for follow-ups, visits nor any sort of miscommunication

• Your inbox will not get spammed with unnecessary emails from our reputed company

• Affordable prices – you only pay for what you opt for. The prices quoted at the beginning will remain the same.

• Either a local shift of household items or a complete relocation of corporate items, our team understands that challenges await us at every step. Since we follow all the legal rules and regulations, our plans seldom fall in jeopardy.

• But the major factors which has made many customers our loyalists is we also provide thirty days of free storage of items as well as 15 to 30 days warehouse service free of cost for every ticket. Conditions, however, apply for both of these services.

Some Do’s & Don’ts While Relocation

We request you to kindly keep cash, valuables, jewellery safely before our team reaches your place for packing of items. We do not accept shifting of any kind of cash or jewellery along with other goods.