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It is not every time, an individual will make a shift from one State to another. The reverse might also happen. Consider the fact, that you first started your career in Bangalore in a multinational company. Because of your skills, you climbed the career ladder easily than others. You were sent abroad for five years with your nuclear family while your parents stayed in Bangalore. Now, you were given a promotion, asked to come back to India and you are responsible for the new office in Bhubaneswar. Ten percent of the team members will also be sent with you for assistance. Since your items are already going to be shifted, the company has told you to take along some of the company goods such as personal computers, files and other equipment.

Your parents want to stay with you and taking to account their old age, there is a unanimous decision that the elders will also be moving to the new location. Now, the whole question is shifting from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar.

In this situation, you have to take full responsibility of the company goods. Safety as well as security assumes prime importance. Life is full of unpredictable circumstances such as accidents, thefts, so it is advisable you have opted for our services, Cloud packers and movers.

Bangalore can be described as one of the nation’s most developed cities with a suitable climate and an environment which caters to all. There are a host of tourism spots which keep the foreign travellers occupied.

Bhubaneswar, being the Capital of Orissa, (other names – Temple city of India) has become the economic and religious face of the State. It holds the highest number of companies in the State pertaining to IT, medical care, metal processing industries, higher education, retail and small scale manufacturing units.

Taking advantage of your travelling skills, you have done the required search for a relocation service provider and finally zeroed on us, Cloud packers and movers. However, your multinational company is paying all the charges, in other words; you have opted for a corporate package.

Professional Corporate Relocation

Kindly note, at Cloud Packers and movers, our quality services speak more than words in our website. We have moved products and goods of multinational corporations across the length and breadth of the nation. Other than packaging and delivery of household items, we are also experts in other moving services, so you can relax since you have opted for our services.


Once your company has booked a ticket with us, our customer care executive will have a discussion with the Human resource professional of your company regarding the shifting and charges. We realize and recognize the trust your company has placed on us and we work overtime to ensure that all the goods are delivered to the new destination safe and sound.

Two meetings will be scheduled by our moving team – one at your residence for taking to account all the items that are to be packed and delivered; and the second at your office, where another team will calculate the equipment and other items to be moved. Please note that our charges never change during the entire process – items are differentiated to hard packable items (example – CPUs, tables and chairs) and fragile items (monitors, glass wares).

On the scheduled day, the moving team will first come to your office with the relevant vehicle that will transport the materials from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar (or anywhere in India). Then all the company items will be packed in front of you on boxes (or crates) and labelled separately. The moving team will then go to your home and continue the same process. Once the materials are uploaded, you will be given a customer care number. Any query or doubt will answered satisfactorily within 24 hours duration. There is a separate team of relocation which designs specific plans that deals with business relocations as well as household items. We understand the mental pressure that occurs during times of relocation and corporates are given full details of the shifting plan.

How To Help Us Serve Your Company Better

We always recommend you to plan ahead for the relocation of your goods. Please note that the dates have to be made known to us at least a week before. We will have to plan for the last two days the safe delivery of the goods if the shift is from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar (or anywhere in India).

Face Of Our Company

We understand that our packaging/delivery team as well the customer support are the representatives of our company. Our customer care executives are specially trained to give movement of your materials around the clock. You can connect to us by various methods such as text, chat, online presence and telephonic support. Queries and doubts are bound to arise, we understand, but our customer care is deftly qualified to solve any doubts.

 Delivery Time

Our deliveries of the goods are always based on the perfect time; however, in case of untoward situations such as strikes or road blocks, you will be informed of the inconvenience by our customer care team. We have special warehouses conveniently located at prime points in all the States. Even if you need some time to move your items to the new locations, kindly note we offer 15 days of storage at our warehouse free of cost. We have set a benchmark in the process of relocation as our team takes care of every documentation, road permits, taxes and forms that are necessary to move goods from one State to another. In case of cargo to be boarded on flights, we ensure that you are provided information on all the paper work so that your company goods and products get safely shipped to any destination.


Cloud packers and movers accept all sorts of payment including the likes of credit cards, cheque, wire transfer and Paypal. We adhere to the highest level of standards as well the best practices.

Our Team Members

We do not just do the Point A to B delivery – for us, transportation is an art. We may have opened our services recently, but our team has been trained in the art of proper packaging and delivery. The best news is that our services are available affordable rates and will not cost your company a fortune. Since we deal with sophisticated equipment of companies and multinational organizations, we conduct background checks to ensure our vehicle drivers do not have a criminal record and they meet our strict guidelines. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS systems.

We are the one-stop solution for all the shifting challenges. We package your materials using the relevant material right from bubble packs to cartons and also provide ware house services. We also know how to rearrange materials in a truck so that the goods consume less space. We ensure that lightweight materials are given prime importance. Imagine the circumstance if heavy weight material is placed over fragile items? We do not let that happen and label the exterior of every box regarding the occupant items. Because of our multi-city presence, even small businesses and large corporations are always interested in a long-term relationship with us. We delight them with services that go far beyond their expectation.