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By following these steps, you can quickly get your estimated relocation cost from the Cloud packers cost calculator.

Steps to use packers cost Calculator.

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Packers and Movers Cost Calculator Tool


What is a packers and movers cost Calculator?

Packers and movers cost Calculator or moving Calculator is an online tool that will provide you with an approximate cost of your relocation by understanding your requirement. Your simple input with basic details can get you to estimate pricing in less than a minute. Using a moving calculator, you can estimate the costs of any goods within the city and intercity.

Once you start entering your basic requirement, this online moving calculator will consider multiple processes involved during shifting, such as packing, transport, labor, loading and, etc., and suggest a price range. Shifting is a complex process involving multiple cost factors, but using the online cost calculator makes this process simple and time-saving.

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How can the online movers Calculator Help You?

Relocation is a hassle and time-consuming process which starts with a moving quotation. An initial quotation will help you estimate pricing for your movement by which you can manage your budget. Contacting and procuring a physical quotation may take 2 to 3 days, but by using online packers and movers cost calculator, you will get estimated pricing in less than a minute.

Initially, you can select the source and destination city you want to move to. Then you can select the type of good you want to move from the provided option resulting in an estimated pricing with maximum accuracy.

Here is the list of benefits you can get by using an online free cost calculator for shifting.

  • Get instant pricing with a few clicks.
  • Save your valuable time by procuring an estimated pricing
  • Calculate multiple times with different variations of goods in a single platform
  • Manage your moving budget from the estimated pricing
  • Pan your declutter to reduce your moving cost
  • No limit to finding the pricing with the different combinations as it is advanced software, but you may hesitate to ask a professional personally.

Why do you need packers and movers cost Calculator?

You may have to relocate to other places from your present location for many reasons. The one factor that may always surprise you is the relocation service charges. The main reason is that a packers and movers company insists on a home or office visit to your location (home or office) after you call their relocation service customer care center. When the shifting service supervisor pays a visit, he will analyze your home items or office goods and give you a quotation explaining every relocation charge. So, before the moving date, the bill charges will be the same if you do not add or remove any items shown to the supervisor. Another important factor is if the concerned company does not include hidden costs in the relocation service bill, it is a HUGE PLUS for you as a customer.

This web page of packers and movers cost Calculator tools in India aims to give information regarding the charges you can incur during the relocation process. Please note that a relocation service includes packaging, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking charges.

Why should you use Packers and Movers Cost Calculator India?

Other than selecting a movers & packers company, various tasks get associated with relocation and the shifting process. Some examples are the shifting of utilities and children's schools to the new destination. So, you always remain confused and worried about the service charges in the shifting process. Yes, every moving company's cost in India may have different charges, but this topic can give a basic idea of the prices you may bear during the move. By reading this web page completely, you can get a clear idea of the packers and movers rate chart for a home shifting service, office relocation service, or other services. Please make use of the Cost Calculator given at the top of the page to calculate the charges for your move:

Benefits of Cost Calculator for Relocation in India

If you have opted for shifting services from a reliable movers and packers company, you will get the exact relocation service charge when the supervisor visits your home. If you have any doubts, you can clarify them with him.

This online Cost Calculator for relocation gives you information on how to estimate packers and movers charges in India. You learn about the affordable shifting service packages offered by various companies. This estimated price will help you to manage your moving budget.


Please only select a shifting service company that offers low prices for the move. The reason, it can be a scam. Though there are many shifting service providers in the relocation industry, some companies offer low charges to attract customers. The same customer will get the surprise of his life when he sees the final bill. It will contain an excessive amount that will be largely different from the charges conveyed to him earlier. Please note you should have an approximate idea of the local or intercity shifting charges so that you can enter into negotiation and get the best discount. Please take care to select a company that offers the best affordable service packages and gives excellent moving services.

Factors that consider finding the moving cost form a cost calculator.

You will get to know the factors that can bring changes in the relocation service charges and the packers and movers charges per km. This can help you plan wisely and eliminate items that may not be needed at the new location.

1. Distance

The distance the relocation transportation team has to travel from your present location to the new location can be a determining factor. You have to pay more if it is an intercity shifting charge or an interstate move.

2. Quantity of Items

You can opt for a home shifting service, office relocation service, shifting of commercial goods, industrial equipment and more. But the prices will depend on the number of items.

Example –

The charges for home items in a 1 BHK flat will differ from a 5 BHK flat. Please note greater the quantity of items, the higher will be the prices for packing, unpacking, loading and unloading.

3. Packing of Materials

You may have different items in your home, office, industry or commercial enterprise. The prices of the final cost (if it is an Interstate moving cost calculator) will vary depending on the type of packaging materials used in the process. If your items need special packaging materials, such as waterproof covers, you may incur higher relocation service charges. Some fragile items, such as mattress bags, pads, and rough sheets, may need special attention.

Some items need single layer protection, two layer protection and even three layer protection.

For example, if you have a heavy sofa, and it is expensive, then the shifting service team has to pack it with thick blankets to prevent scratches and damage.

If it is a fragile glass or art item, the packaging team may have to pack it with foam material. Then, they have to place the item in a corrugated box and label it as "Handle with care."

Then, there are electronic appliances which have to be handled with care even during the packaging process. So, if it is a LED television set, the display first gets covered with cloth and foam. Then it gets bound by ropes. Then it gets placed in corrugated boxes. The shifting service team labels the box as "Electronic Appliances" so it gets handled with care.

The cost may vary based on the packaging materials and the number of home items.

4. Date of Relocation

You need to pick a date for the move. If it is a weekend, then the charges may be more. If it is a weekday, then only a few prefer to relocate these days. The charges may be less. The same applies to relocation service charges during the summer and winter seasons. Many prefer to move their home in the summer, and so the home shifting service charges in India are high. Consider the opposite, if you prefer to move in the winter or rainy season, there will be very few who will choose this time, so the charges may be low.

5. Storage

There may be occasions when you may have to opt for storage of your home items or office goods in warehouses for certain reasons. If your selected relocation service company has warehouses in prominent cities of India or along the route to your new destination, then you are in luck.

6. Pet Relocation Charges

You can move pets such as cats and dogs if you have your car or other types of transport. However, if it involves a horse or a pet not in the best of health, then the shifting services company can even offer the best pet relocation services in India. The service charges may add to the final bill.

7. Vehicle Transportation

Is your relocation an Interstate move? In this situation, it is not wise to drive your bike or car for thousands of kilometers to save some money (relocation service charges). Instead, if you have opted for quality home shifting services from a reliable relocation company in India, consider opting for vehicle transportation services with the same team.

Yes, there are certain vehicle transportation policies the team can strictly adhere to, but it is meant to deliver your vehicle safely to your new destination. You may have to bear more cost if you have also opted for vehicle transportation services.

Do you wish only to shift your car or bike to another location? Then you can opt for a bike shifting service or car moving service provider. Ensure that they have the relevant vehicles to transport your car or bike to the desired destination.

8. Loading/Unloading of Home Items/Office Items

Please note, loading and unloading of either home items or office items is an art. The main reason, why the shifting service team label the boxes. The harder items are put on the transportation vehicle at the bottom and the fragile items at the top. Loading by this method helps to avoid damage during transportation. If you have very heavy items such as pianos, chairs, cots and sofa sets, then special equipment is required to uplift and then upload on the transportation vehicle. The service charges will get added to the final bill.

9. Your Home or Office Location – Office/House Shifting Charges Calculator

Do you reside in the ground floor? Or is your office located in the ground floor? Then the charges will be low. Consider the same if a home is located in the fourth floor. Then, the shifting service team has to go to the fourth floor on the moving date, pack all items and bring them to the ground floor. Then they have to load them to the transportation vehicle. Imagine the cost involved. The same situation and charges will apply for office relocation if it is located other than the ground floor.

When it comes to shifting of industrial equipment and commercial goods, the location of the manufacturing workshop or organisation will play a role in the shifting service charges. If the condition of the road is bad, if the workshop is situated in a narrow lane, if the shifting service team takes more time to load the items on the transporting vehicle, then you may have to pay more shifting service charges.

9. Vehicle Transportation Charges

This will include the fuel consumption charges and distance (packers and movers charges per km). If you are a bachelor having less number of items and can fit into a minivan, you will have to lay lower charges. Local shifting service charges are low compared to an interstate move. However, it will also depend on the number of goods and the types of packaging materials used.

10. Insurance Transit

Take care to select one of the many companies that offer insurance transit for every relocation project. Then, you do not have to worry. Please do not forget to read the Terms & Conditions regarding the insurance. Some companies add insurance charges to the final bill in the form of Hidden Costs. So, you will have to be careful.

11. Total Cost Calculator - GST Charges

You may also have to bear the GST charges. It comes to 5% if you only opted for the transportation service. However, if you have opted for a complete shifting service, the charges come to 18%. If the total charges on the bill come to Rs 20000, you may have to pay Rs 22800 as the final charges.

12. Transportation

There may be a situation when you may have to transport only your car or bike to the new destination. Your son may be studying in a city and you may have to ship the bike or car to his place or residence. In these situations, you will incur a low cost.

You may have got a promotion, and you want only your car to get shipped to the new destination. In this case, you may have to shift the car via a car moving company to the new destination.


You should take care to select a shifting service company in India which includes relocation veterans with years of experience in every department. They should have the resources to handle all needs concerned with shifting services. From car trailers to lifting forks to other equipment, their team should stay ever ready to handle every situation with grace.


Finding the accurate shifting cost needs a professional to visit your doorstep and inspect goods but using packers and movers cost Calculator gives an approximate charge with 90 to 95% accuracy. The actual shifting cost may be slightly different from the online estimate cost.

A moving cost calculator will consider the charges of packing, transport, loading, unloading, unpacking, packing material, and labor to pop up estimate costing. However, GST charges are considered in the online cost calculator.

In cloud packers movers online Calculator has multiple goods options to select such as 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, a few items, cars and bikes. You can select multiple options per your goods and find the approximate cost. You can recalculate with different combinations of goods multiple times to find all price variations.

Once you have entered all your shifting requirements, this Calculator will consider multiple factors such as the total distance, required packing material, transport charges, packing, loading, and unloading charges. After considering all charges, this online Calculator calculates the possible charges using AI and displays an approximate price range.

The charges provided by the online moving calculator have already considered all possible charges, so there won't be any hidden charges involved. But GST charges will be extra on the given charges. Please remember all the given price is approximate.

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