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Bangalore to Japan Moving Service

Most of the professional's dream of being an expat in a foreign country. If that country turns out to be Japan, it's a cherry on the top. In the big list of expat friendly destinations, Japan is right at the top. Professionals shifting from Bengaluru to Japan would have many questions about their new home to be. This article will help you to answer those questions.

What to expect when shifting from Bengaluru to Japan?

First thing you might want to know if are there any Indian expats? Currently, there are two million expats living in Japan. Out of these two million, 75% are from Asian countries. Hence, you won't be alone Asian there. Even the Indians are plenty in number.

Compared to Bengaluru, Japan offers a completely different culture and opportunities. Don't worry, much like Bengaluru, Japan is known to accept western trends and cultures easily. Especially, youth is more open to the foreign culture. However, the language could be a barrier if you are looking to work in rural areas. In major cities, it won't be that hard to communicate as English speaking people are not uncommon.

The other thing expats worry about is cost of living. Yes, Bengaluru is much cheaper compared to any city in Japan. Even if you were finding from any other part of the world, Japan would still be expensive. Among the most expensive cities to live, Tokyo tops the list. Hence, you require a bigger budget than Bengaluru. But you have to also consider that salaries are also higher. If you are still worried about the cost of living, you have the option of renting or buying a house just outside the city where prices are little lower.

A good thing about Japan is the food cost is low. Local super market sells goods at fairly low prices. However, dining out at five restaurants will be expensive. It would be good idea try only local restaurants selling local dishes if you fancy eating out regularly.

Things to know before you move to Japan.

• Formal agreements or contracts like rental agreements are legalized by Inkan and not by signature. Inkan is a stamp with owners surname written in Japanese. You will have to get an Inkan before you legally move to Japan. You can easily get it from a local stationary store or from a newsagent.

• You will also have to decide if you require NHI (National Health Insurance). Mind you it's hard to get out of it.

• You are pretty much used to maid in bengaluru but there are some regulations when it comes to hiring house help. Expats who hold only senior level positions are allowed to hire maids.

If you are ready to say good by to Bengaluru and move to Japan, we offer our experienced professionals to make your shifting process hassle free. So that you only plan for your dream stay in Japan and not worry about moving.

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Our shifting journey starts from packing with premium packing material. Our shifting journey starts from packing with premium packing material.

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Moved by the suitable vehicle by our owned vehicle. Moved by the suitable vehicle by our owned vehicle.Moved by the suitable vehicle by our owned vehicle.

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